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"tough on viruses,

kind to your skin"

Carefully produced using a W.H.O accredited formulation, Cleansor offers instant virus-killing cleaning power with easy application in a convenient screw capped package. Combining bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and yeasticidal properties, our formulation contains 70% alcohol to give our users the confidence that they're getting a powerful clean without the need for soap or water.


Cleansor may be tough on bacteria and viruses but it is kind on your skin. Our formulation contains moisturising, humectant ingredients that permeate moisture deep into the layers of your skin to help prevent dryness or damage. Don’t compromise with sore, dry hands, get the effective antiviral clean that you need from Cleansor.

Cleansor comes in three convenient bottle sizes: 50ml, 125ml & 500ml, Each designed to help you stay protected from viruses at home or on the go with flexible plastic bottles and screw cap tops.

We are now in full production of cleansor taking orders through this website.  To place your order follow the link below.

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